Private Family Office runs on Strad Professional, software that provides a more in-depth understanding of wealth and connects a family’s existing professional advisors, allowing collaboration, greater insight, and uniquely personalized advice.

See all your wealth in one place

A complete picture of wealth is hard to come by when accounts are spread across institutions or only one person knows crucial details. Strad brings together information that’s vital to your family’s well-being—business and financial interests, assets and obligations, even legal and healthcare documents. In one glance, you can visualize everything affecting your wealth.

Transform advisors into a personal Family Office

Financial advisors, attorneys, and other professionals help manage life’s intricacies. But they often focus on one area of expertise. Strad Professional connects your advisors and enables them to offer the services of a traditional family office. They can collaborate, share real-time data, and work together to enrich your life.

Enjoy benefits beyond wealth

You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your information is secure and accessible for years to come, and from the continuity provided by trusted advisors as your family navigates life’s milestones. In later years, Strad can help you maintain independence while protecting your family’s interests by enabling you to designate a deputy who can access your information, with permission limited or increased as circumstances change.

Ensure safety and security

Strad Professional helps protect your family from threats like identity theft and unscrupulous advisors, and it ensures your data remains confidential and accessible with advanced security and back-up protocols.

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